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One of the largest cold chain logistics centers in western China

High-end Positioning, First-class Facilities, Perfect Function

Headquarter for biomedical industry

Located in Shuangliu District of Chengdu. Programmed land area of 40,000 square meters.

The Group has almost completed the first phase of its cold chain facility (15,000 square meters), which can satisfy the Company’s storage demand and provide better control for the quality and safety of the blood products in our product portfolio. Additionally, we will be able to provide third parties with medical cold-chain storage services of high quality, upon the completion of the second phase (which includes 25,000 square meters of cold chain storage and 47,000 square meters of research and development base).

business includes

Bonded warehousing area for imported biomedical products, Logistics warehousing area, National Distribution and Settlement Center, Drug Testing and R & D Center, Trading and training center


System Management

Through the coordination of the warehouse management system (WMS), transport management system (TMS) , the system could achieve intelligent management on the warehousing, transfering, distributing and transporting of the products., It could associate the order processing, finacial processing, inverntory management in the ERP system. and provide interface for data interchange among the clients, the carriers and warehouse through the EDI system.


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